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The Creeping Terror: Daniel Bester Inc.
Who is Daniel Bester?
Was Daniel Bester Inc. Founded By Nazis?
Friends in High Places: The DB Board of Directors
Political Machinations
Playing God? The Curious Science of DB Inc.
Daniel Bester Inc and the Secret Shadow Government
Murder! The Disaperance of a Daniel Bester Inc. Employee
Beyond the Law

At Citizendefender.Org we strive to defend the rights of citizens the world over. And the greatest threat to these rights is something that you may never even have heard of.
Daniel Bester Inc. is a secretive and destructive company that defies international law, maligns human rights and threatens the world with its evil policies.
We can stop them, but we need your help! We have spent the past few years collecting the evidence so that we can show you now what is really going on!


Daniel Bester Inc. is an evil company. They or their various subsidiary companies have engaged in unlawful human cloning, they have developed nuclear and biological weapons, they have destroyed the natural enviorment, and they have conspired with corrupt dictators, judges and even US government officials in their quest for profit and power.
We must call attention to this menace! The people must stand up and be heard! In this crucial election year the future of America is threatened on every front. Cruel and heartless men are attempting to take control of the world for their own greedy and devious purposes.
Read all our evidence before you go to the polls to vote in the election!

This site and are in no way affiliated with the Green Party of New Zealand.

Points to Consider
Was Daniel Bester Inc. founded by Nazis?
Did Daniel Bester Inc. overthrow a European government just so they could build a new factory in the region?
Has Daniel Bester Inc. developed artificial viruses just so they could sell the antidote to infected people in third world countries?
Is Daniel Bester Inc. just a front for a Shadow Government created by corrupt US government officials for the sake of taking over the world?
Why has company founder and CEO Daniel Bester refused to appear in public for the past fifteen years?
Has Daniel Bester Inc. murdered its own employees when they attempted to call attention to these evil acts?
It may sound frightening that a company very few people have even heard of is capable of these evil acts, but we have proof. Read on, while you still can.