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The Creeping Terror: Daniel Bester Inc.
Political Machinations
Who is Daniel Bester?
Was Daniel Bester Inc. Founded By Nazis?
Friends in High Places: The DB Board of Directors
Political Machinations
Playing God? The Curious Science of DB Inc.
Daniel Bester Inc and the Secret Shadow Government
Murder! The Disaperance of a Daniel Bester Inc. Employee
Beyond the Law

In 2001 the democratically elected government of Esperia, a tiny state in Eastern Europe was ousted in a military coup. Within months, the Royal Family which had been in exile in New York City since a revolution in 1918, was put back into power.
What does this have to do with Daniel Bester Inc., you ask? EVERYTHING!

Esperia flag (1918-2001)

Esperia Flag (2001-Present)

Why would Daniel Bester Inc. overthrow the democratic government of a tiny insignifigant nation?
It is a fact that immediately after the Royal Family was restored to power they "willingly gave" a large tract of land (roughly 9% of the entire country) to Daniel Bester Inc. And how much did Daniel Bester Inc. pay for this land?
NOTHING! It was given to them freely.
And what was so important about this land?
That's right! This land contains Eastern Europe's largest natural Uranium Pile. URANIUM, the key ingrediant in nuclear weapons.

Esperia Royal Family

It may sound crazy, but the proof is there for everyone to see. Daniel Bester Inc. overthrew a government that was democratically elected and replaced it with a corrupt group of monarchists who were rightfully ousted by socialist reformers.
All so that Daniel Bester Inc. could get their greedy hands on uranium. Is Daniel Bester Inc. trying to produce their own nuclear weapons so that this autocratic corporate menace can be the world's newest nuclear power. We can hope they aren't, but if the past is any indication, we are in far more danger than anyone realizes.


Culma Systems, the international monetary group that controls Daniel Bester Inc.'s political and financial machinations provided their own private jets and funds for the Royal Family and used their contractors to build the new royal palace.
This is all on the public record! There is no denying this, and there is no denying that Daniel Bester Inc. is a threat to democracy, human rights and the safety of people all over the world.
Anyone who doesn't realize this is a coward.