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The Creeping Terror: Daniel Bester Inc.

Friends in High Places: The DB Board of Directors

Who is Daniel Bester?
Was Daniel Bester Inc. Founded By Nazis?
Friends in High Places: The DB Board of Directors
Political Machinations
Playing God? The Curious Science of DB Inc.
Daniel Bester Inc and the Secret Shadow Government
Murder! The Disaperance of a Daniel Bester Inc. Employee
Beyond the Law

It is now well document that The Power Behind the Scene of Daniel Bester Inc.  is none other than the corporate autocratic decendants of the Nazi regime, but it is important to note who runs the daily affiars of this evil corporate kleptocracy.
Below you will find information detailing the members of the Daniel Bester Inc. Board of Directors, the official body that governs this corporate front for the global economic conspiracy.

C. Douglas Borden

Board Member since 1996
Senator C. Douglas Borden is the Co-Chair of the Senate Military Appropriations Committee. Not only did he write the first draft of the Patriot Act, but voted in favor of its passing. He has also voted in favor of Bush's War in Iraq and has voted twice to increase funding for this illegal war.
Borden is a staunch proponent of World Trade, and a perfect example of the corruption in the United States government. Countless times he has voted to approve contracts for Daniel Bester Inc. and to use his senatorial powers to make corrupt bargains with foreign dignitaries in order to advance the Daniel Bester Inc./World Trade Agenda.

H.G. Peterson

Board Member Since 1973
While his official biography lists him as a "poet and literary figure," there is a deeper mystery as to the true identity of this phantom-like man.
For instance, why does a poet have an office on the top floor of the United Nations Building in New York?
Some have claimed that he was the son of a Han Chinese warlord and a German missionary, and that during his youth in Shangai he became an important member of Jing Si Feng, an international crime syndicate with political ties to the People's Republic Government and governments across the globe.
In 1974, when the Nixon administration opened trade with China, Peterson was brought to the US as a "Goodwill Advisor" where he worked closely with the Nixion, Ford, Carter and Reagan administrations on various projects involoving Global Commerce and military relations.
There are various theories as to who H.G. Peterson really is, and who he works for, but it is known that he is a major player in the new radical war on human rights that is the corporate overthrow of the world led by the neo-Nazi forces of Bush, Blair and Daniel Bester Inc.

Air Marshal William Douglas Hayes

Board Member Since 2000
Air Marshall William Douglas Hayes is the official head of the air forces of the NATO Alliance and also serves as Official Military Advisor of UN Supreme Chancellor Kofi Anan.
For many years, Hayes has played a key role in the globablization of the Industrial Military Complex, providing the important intelligence and strategy that has allowed the corporate oligarchy to expand their control of global finance in violation of international human rights declarations.
Hayes is currently overseeing the continuing War Against Freedom in Iraq, and has many links to Bush.