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The Creeping Terror: Daniel Bester Inc.

Was Daniel Bester Inc. Founded By Nazis?

Who is Daniel Bester?
Was Daniel Bester Inc. Founded By Nazis?
Friends in High Places: The DB Board of Directors
Political Machinations
Playing God? The Curious Science of DB Inc.
Daniel Bester Inc and the Secret Shadow Government
Murder! The Disaperance of a Daniel Bester Inc. Employee
Beyond the Law


The Truth:
Daniel Bester Inc. was really founded by ex-Nazis as a means to subvert the United States and continue their horrific quest for world domination!
Examine the Evidence:
In 1946, Nazi heiress Amelia Howard travels to the United States and sets up residence here. She is granted citizenship within one year, even though US law stipulates that you must be a resident for 14 years before being granted citizenship!
Someone in the State Department was pulling strings for Ms. Howard, someone with close connections to Howard and her husband Ned Bester.
Howard brought with her some twenty million pounds worth of banknotes and gold coins from a private Nazi German stash. It was this money that was put into a "trust" to be used by Daniel Bester to found the infamous company that now bears his name.
When Ned Bester was killed, or possibly murdered in an automobile accident in 1947, the 20 million pound trust was placed under the guardianship of one General George C. Marhsall, the key developer of the Marshall Plan, which restored Nazis in Germany to their former ranks, gave them billions of dollars of US Tax Money and helped these "ex" Nazis set up the World Trade Organization as their new front for global supremecy.
Howard's stash of Nazi gold was brought from the Heidelberg Induschtrialkraftwork Konsotium, a company that her father owned, which helped finance Hitler's rise to power.
Remember that in Mein Kampf, Hitler states "industry and commerce are the veil behind which true power resides"
Makes you think, doesn't it? The very same companies that Hitler used to finance his rise to power were the same companies that financed the WTO and financed the rise of Daniel Bester Inc.
When the Second World War was lost by the Germans, the Nazis realized that military conflict was not the route to global domination; true power would come from commerce, from the creation of corrupt companies that could exist outside of law, outside of national borders and outside of moral restraint.
Daniel Bester Inc. was created as a front for the American interests in the WTO, a Nazi engineered plan for global control.
You can trace the money, you can do the reasearch, but it's plain and simple. Daniel Bester Inc. is just one more peice in the puzzle.
They may have told you in history class that the Nazis were defeated...that's just hopeless and mindless propoganda. The Nazis just changed their name to Daniel Bester Inc. and continued their evil conquest  in a way that would be invisible to the government, to the public and to all of us.  

George Marshall; engineer of the new Nazi conquest.

Hitler: The Real CEO of Daniel Bester Inc.!